Men’s Midlife Crisis: Time To Quit Your Job And Leave Your Partner?

men's midlife crisis

Often, guys in the grip of a men’s midlife crisis react to their feelings of ennui and life frustrations by “acting out” and making big, life-changing decisions concerning their work and relationships. Drastic and often destructive measures are taken, such as jobs being quit, careers being changed, partners being dumped, and divorce proceedings being instigated.…

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How To Cure Midlife Crisis In Men

midlife crisis in men

If you want to know how to cure a midlife crisis in men, you probably know just how hard it is to find any practical, helpful advice on the subject out there. This is what this post seeks to re-address, and is taken in part from my book, Midlife Crisis In Men: How To Overcome…

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What Is A Male Midlife Crisis? Understand It So You Can Overcome It

male midlife crisis

How My Male Midlife Crisis Started My male midlife crisis had been growing steadily more acute for three or four years, when, aged forty-one, I hit rock bottom. Actually, that’s not true — there was no “rock bottom” as such. There were no drunken tears. No staying in bed for days on end. No rocking…

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